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In our mission to simplify the creative process, we provide two main services. Filming for your brand and film training for your staff.

01. Video Production

awesome films for your brand

Video is the best way to communicate online. A well-crafted video can reach out of the screen and stop the viewer in their tracks, leading to more engagement with your brand. We handle our client's production requirements from creative concepts through all aspects of production and post-production. Emotion, intrigue, humour, surprise... We know the elements that make a good story are the ones that make a good film. That's why our films feel like entertainment first, marketing second.


Fees & Timeline


Inclusive of all taxes

Filming fees


Simplify the creative process and pave the way for change-makers, one project at a time.

02. Film training for your staff

your people

Give your employees the confidence and skills they need to make great stories, reels, and short, interesting videos for your Instagram and other social media platforms. We know the tricks that work in media to get people's attention... Why should training be any different? We teach your team how to make interesting videos for your brand's social media posts through videography workshops. In our agile process, we teach them how to use storytelling to make videos that people want to watch. We also check in with your team every month and give them creative tasks to make sure they use what they learn and make content that works for you.

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