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Arjav Vyas

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Arjav Vyas is a filmmaker with over 6 years of expertise in tourism and hospitality video production. He establishes connections with his clients and immediately puts them at ease with his professional yet likeable style. Arjav has a unique perspective on what works within the confines of the lens as a filmmaker and can produce stunning and unforgettable visuals.

Arjav co-founded Merit Concept in 2020 with the intention of working with the world's bravest brands and changemakers to create timeless stories that matter. What began as a passion project to create beautiful, timeless films has grown into one of Arusha's fastest-growing brands, representing industry leaders such as Miracle Experience, The Tanzanite Experience, Gadgetronix, E-Motion, Nimali Africa, African Scenic Safaris, Elewana Collection, and Blink, to name a few.

Visit Arjav Vyas's social media profiles to discover his latest endeavours.

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